Code of Ethics

Our code of ethics helps ensure a safe environment for you and all our members. We aim to provide services to members who are serious about finding someone.

These values help us provide you with a safe and effective match-making service.

Agreeing to our code of ethics is a condition of use. Breach of our code of ethics or terms and conditions will result in the removal of your membership and may, in more extreme cases, result in prosecution.

We expect our members to

  1. Treat other members with dignity and respect.

  2. Accurately complete your profile including truthfully stating your age, gender and marital/ relationship status.

  3. Represent yourself honestly in all communications with FindSomeone members and staff.

  4. Not use defamatory, abusive, obscene or profane language on FindSomeone.

  5. Only upload photos to the FindSomeone website that are of yourself, are undoctored, are not offensive and have been taken within the last three years.

  6. Only use FindSomeone for personal use, not for any commercial purposes.

  7. Act to protect your own privacy in your communications and will not include any contact details in my publicly available profile.

  8. Promptly report any breaches of the code of ethics or terms and conditions to the site administrators.