Matches will automatically find members that best match what you're looking for, based on your criteria.

To set up your Matches criteria, select 'Matches' (♥) from the left-hand navigation, then select the 'Edit match criteria' tab. You can set the importance of your criteria (low, medium, high or vital) using the slider.

To view your matches, select 'Matches' (♥) from the left-hand navigation. You can view up to 300 top matches.

You can 'Favourite' (★) someone from their profile to come back to them later, or you can remove them from your Matches by selecting 'Not interested'.

You can view all the profiles you have removed via the 'Hidden' tab in the Matches section.

Vital criteria

Criteria set to vital will only show profiles that are an exact match.

Low, Medium or High criteria

Criteria set to low, medium, or high will show profiles that are a close match, but might not be an exact match.

If you're seeing too many matches, try narrowing your search or raising the importance of your criteria. If you're not seeing enough matches, try expanding your search or lowering the importance of your criteria.


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