Favourites are a way save profiles that appeal to you. You can add a favourite by ticking 'Save as favourite' (★) in your Matches, on profile pages, or in the search results. You can have as many Favourites as you like.

Gold members are able to see who has added them to their favourites by going to the Who's Favourited Me section of their profile. Gold members and Privacy Plus subscribers are also able to opt out of this feature so they are not able to see who has favourite them and other members are not able to see when they have added them to their favourites.

To opt out of this just go to the Options page and on the first page, titled Privacy, untick the box to 'Show my profile in: Who's Favourited Me, and click the button at the bottom of the page, 'Save changes'.

Removing a favourite

To remove profiles from your Favourites, click on the gold star to the right of the unwanted profile and it will go grey. When you come back to your Favourites list you will see that they are no longer there.


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