Gold Members can send the first message to people they are interested in, while basic members can only reply to messages they receive. The conversation will continue as long as one of the members are Gold. A Basic member can start a conversation if they purchase a message pack.

A message pack contains three conversation starters. For only $9.95, a Basic member can purchase this and send the first message to three different members, whether they are Gold or Basic. Those people can reply and the conversation can continue even if both members remain Basic.

All messages are sent through our message system so your email address and personal details remain confidential.

Our message filters scan new messages for certain explicit words. If the words are found, the message won't be sent. The filter is set to scan only the first message that you receive from each person. However, you can change this on your Options page.

If you receive an inappropriate or offensive message, please report it using Community Watch at the bottom of the message page.

Message folders

When you send a message it will go into your Sent box. When you receive a message or a reply to your message it will go into your Inbox and will remain there as the conversation continues.

When you delete a message the conversation goes into your deleted folder. If a new message is received it will come back into your inbox. If it is in your deleted folder with no new messages for 2 weeks then it will get cleared from your folder.

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