Our Matches feature allows you to rate qualities that are important to you. Our system will then find member profiles that best match what you're looking for. Your top 300 matches can be viewed on your Matches page.

To set up your Match criteria, go to your Matches page and click the 'Edit match criteria' tab. You can set the importance of your preferences with the ratings: low, med, high or vital.

Vital criteria

When you set criteria to vital then you will only get profiles that match that criteria exactly. So if you know that you only want people from your area then set location to vital and you won???t have matches from the rest of the country.

Low, Medium or High criteria

When you set criteria to low, medium or high then we will include profiles that may not match that criteria but match your other high and vital criteria.

Consider your ratings carefully. If you select 'vital' for all sections you may not get many results. Likewise, if you set all your ratings to low, you may get too many to manage.

You can bookmark someone as a 'Favourite' from their profile page and come back to them later, or you can remove them from your Matches by selecting 'Not interested'.

You can view all the profiles you have removed via the Not interested tab in the Matches section.


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