Messaging someone you're interested in is a great way to connect.

Your email address isn't shared with the sender or receiver. Messages are private and can only be accessed by the sender, receiver and our Support team (in line with Trade Me's Privacy policy).

Sending the first message

Basic members

To send the first message, upgrade to a Gold membership or purchase a message pack. Alternatively, you can send a smile.

Gold members

Members with a Gold subscription can send the first message to any member.

Replying to a message

All membership types can reply to a message received. The conversation can continue, so long as at least one member is Gold.

Viewing messages

To view your messages, select 'Inbox' (✉) from the left-hand navigation. To view sent messages, select the 'Sent' tab. To view messages deleted in the past two weeks, select the 'Deleted'. Deleted messages are archived after two weeks.

Inappropriate messages

To choose whether to filter potentially offensive messages, visit your 'Privacy settings' and select your preference under 'Filter offensive messages'. This isn't all-encompassing, so some bad words might go undetected. If you receive an inappropriate or offensive message, report it using Community Watch at the bottom of the message page.

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