When Toni met Chris


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The first message I received from Chris was on December 1st 2014. It wasn't a very special message but I knew immediately that there was something special about him and our first date confirmed my instinct. Chris had been looking for someone who lived closer to the city or over the North Shore and hadn't considered looking in South Auckland, but after little success he decided to widen his search and that's when he found me. I had seen his profile but I was going through a stage of waiting for guys to contact me if they were interested. Since then we've travelled to 10 different countries around the world and had many adventures. While travelling through Italy in September 2017 we visited the city of Verona. Chris told me to go up to Juliet's Balcony for a photo but after he had taken the photo he got down on one knee and proposed! Everyone there clapped and cheered and we had hugs from complete strangers. We hadn't talked marriage at all and it was such a surprise, but we're so very happy and getting married on March 25th 2018. We definitely wouldn't have met each other without Find Someone and we often joke that he found me on Trademe!



  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    I met some lovely men through Find Someone but no one who I really clicked with. Dating can be very tiresome but if you really want to find someone you have to stick with it. Don't judge them by a picture or profile, there's often far more to them than that, but always trust your gut instinct and when you know, you'll know!