When Jennifer met Nigel


I was pretty much over trying to find a match on Findsomeone after a few dates with a few toads that went no where.

On the evening of December 20th 2019 I'd had a few drinks and decided to give Findsomeone a final go before deleting my profile for good.

So I jump on and there are a few new profiles. One really stood out and he lived in my city so I thought what the heck. I was a bit tiddly at this time and I start messaging this guy, whom looked really cute in his pics by the way.

I never expected to get a reply from him as I was not in his age bracket, he is 8 years younger than me. So I start giving him a bit of stick (joking of course) about the age thing. I give him my cell and tell him to text me or call if he changes his mind.

Anyway the very next day I get a message from him. We exchange a few texts back and forth, then finally agree to meet on Sunday the 22nd of December. We hit it off right from the get go, it's like we had known each other for years. I feel so comfortable in his company and vice versa.

Fast forward and we have been together almost a year, he will be moving in with me very soon and we recently became engaged.

He gets on so well with my daughter and my many pets, whom love him so much. He is a wonderful guy and I can't wait to spend the rest of our lives together and to make our combined dreams reality.

The thing I really love about him is he nurtures my dreams he doesn't smother them. It can be hard to find some one like that.

Findsomeone really does work if you persevere. I'm glad I did cos, it was love at first site xxx



  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    Yes I sure did

  • Who reached out to who?

    I reached out first

  • Any advice to other singles still looking for their special someone?

    He/she is out there, you've just got to persevere and keep an opened mind

  • Were you nervous about online dating at the start?

    Yeah for sure, especially since I met my first partner the old fashioned way before online dating.

  • What made you try online dating?

    I'd thought about doing it for awhile and just thought what the heck just give it a go

  • What was your first date?

    Over hot chocolate and cake at the cafe where I work

  • What attracted you first about your partner?

    His eyes, I thought he was stoned lol turns out he wasn't he just has very intense blue eyes

  • How long did you chat online before meeting up?

    A few days