When Katelin met Sean


Sean and I meet online on the 5th of April 2014. We organised to meet the next day for lunch. I was excited to give FindSomeone another go after my ex and I had a bad break up. I was nervous and excited to see him. His profile was of Sean at work. A bearded face, in hunting and fishing gear. With a beautiful central Otago background. So the day came to meet this mysterious mountain man. He pulled up to my flat in his loud diesel truck covered in mud and knocks on my door. He was so handsome and harmless to me. We drove into town and had lunch, enjoying each others company. I couldn't leave his side, so we went to a movie. And continued our date till the night ended. A week passed and we were together. Seeing him only on the weekends was hard. But I enjoyed every minute I had with him. We moved in together a few months after. But living alone was really hard. So after the new year we moved into our own flat. And got a puppy to share. She is great and when she gets bigger she will go with Sean to work :) We recently celebrated our one year anniversary and just like my parents, we decide there was no one else we would rather be with. On our anniversary we drove up to Signal Hill. Where he turned to me and said, "we met in Dunedin; our lives have started here. So with this amazing view of our new home and with a beautiful sunset, will you be my wife?" Of course I said yes! We became best friends, and parents of a little pup. We make each other stronger and happier then we have ever been. We are now engaged. Not knowing what the future has for us but we know we will always have each other.



  • Any advice to other singles still looking for their special someone?

    Timing is everything. Just take your time. I am very young and many people have asked me why get committed so young. I say the timing was perfect. I needed him when I meet him and ever since then he has been there. I wish I had waited for him when it comes to having my heart broken before meeting him. But that's my mistake and it also made me who I am today. So my advice would be to just trust in time. If something doesn't work out the one will come. But you also need to help them find you.

  • Were you nervous about online dating at the start?

    Yes, I was worried I would meet creeps but I was really lucky.

  • Did you have to kiss many frogs to find your prince/princess?

    Yes, unfortunately I was younger and more despite to be like everyone else in my family.

  • How long did you chat online before meeting up?

    A day :)

  • What attracted you first about your partner?

    His profile wasn't like everyone elses. His photo was of him at work, so he was in hunting and fishing gear with an amazing view of central Otago behind him. Also his beard :)

  • Who reached out to who?

    I messaged him first but I believe I was more determined to talk to him first.

  • What made you try online dating?

    Its just a new way to FindSomeone you might say ;)