I met Frazer in May of 2013, he popped a message to me on here. I hadn't seen him on here (despite what he likes to think!) and I could tell he had put a fair bit of thought into what he was writing. We only had the one exchange before organising to meet which was a far cry to a lot of others on here who I spoke to for a fair while and never got around to meeting. I did almost chicken out when I got to Joe's Garage to meet him, I spotted him and sussed him out from afar before going over. We chatted for a few hours and got along well, probably because I did all the talking so he tells me.

Frazer worked away 6 months of the year so was in Christchurch on a month-on, month-off basis which suited me just fine as I was quite accustomed to doing my own thing and even preferred it to some extent.

He was very hard to read at first so I really wasn't sure how it all went but when he asked me to breakfast a few days later and time flew by so much so I was late to a race with my harrier club that day I guess that could be taken as a good sign. We had a lot of things in common which helps but our personalities are quite different. I am quite passionate and sassy or 'rip, shit and bust' as Frazer would say and he is very much a perfectionist and has loads of patience. It just works for us, and we allow each other to just be ourselves which is key.

Eventually after a few months whilst he was in the country I'd end up staying at his place and things just went from strength to strength. We ended up moving in together in a rental about 3 or so years ago, during which there was a lot of heavy stuff going on for both of us with my mother being diagnosed with a terminal illness and his family having quite serious health issues to contend with too.

It was a stressful time but being there for each other has I believe only cemented what we have even further. I couldn't have asked for anyone better to have by my side throughout it all. We bought our first home together last June and got a wee furbaby we had been so desperate to have.

Due to Frazer's work schedule we have never had an overseas holiday actually together, so in a few months we head to Bali to relax and experience some culture and I absolutely can't wait to spend some quality time and look forward to many more years of new experiences together.