Privacy, message & subscription settings

Privacy settings

FindSomeone has a lot of different privacy options to help you find love just the way you want.

Show my profile to...

This will allow you to restrict your profile to be viewed only by Gold members or anyone. Setting this to Gold members only will significantly lower the number of people who can view your profile.

Show my photos to...

If you'd like to restrict who can see your photos, you can change this setting to only show photos to selected favourites. You are able to show photos individually to any member that is one of your favourites.

Show my profile in...

There are three options to restrict where your profile is shown:

  1. Search results & matches - This will completely remove your profile from search results.
  2. Who's Viewed Me - This Gold only feature means you won't appear when you view someone's profile.
  3. Who's Favourited Me - This Gold only feature means you won't appear when you add someone as a favourite.

Online status

We have three options to show how you appear to other people:

  1. Show when I'm online - Show on your profile when you're online or how long it's been since you were online.
  2. Appear offline, but show I was online recently - Show on your profile that you were online recently but not show that you are online now.
  3. Hide my online status completely - This Gold only or Privacy Plus feature will completely hide your current online status to other members.

Filter offensive messages

We have three options to help filter any potential offensive messages you can receive from members.

  1. Scan all messages - All messages will be scanned and not allowed to be sent if they contain certain swear words.
  2. Scan the first message from each person - Only the first message will be scanned for certain swear words.
  3. Don't scan any messages - No messages will be scanned and they will all be allowed to be sent to you.

Allow members to send me smiles, winks etc

If you'd like to only receive messages, you can turn this feature off and members will be unable to send you any sort of smile.

Blocked member list

If you would prefer to completely remove the ability for a member to contact or view you, you can block them. If you'd prefer to simply not see a member in your search results, you can add them to your hidden list instead.

Email settings

FindSomeone allows you to set the frequency and type of emails you'd like to receive. A lot of email have options to send weekly summaries, daily summaries or instant notifications.

Account settings

The account settings page contains all the options you need to manage your FindSomeone account. You can upgrade or edit your Gold or Privacy Plus subscriptions, purchase a message pack, edit your credit card details, connect to social accounts or change your login details.

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